TurboDrop® Nozzles Produce large, air-filled drops that give extraordinary drift reduction and excellent penetration. Upon impact with the target, the drops shatter into very small droplets, providing exceptional spray coverage.

1. Long-wearing polyacetal or ceramic orifice in venturi determines flow rate. 

2. The pressure drop created by the venturi draws in air through the hole in the venturi.

3. In the mixing chamber, the air and spray solution are blended and compressed.

4. The pattern tip forms large, drift resistant spray drops, filled with tiny air bubbles.

5. The air included in the spray liquid expands as it exits the pattern nozzle, additionally accelerating the drops.

6. The air bubbles cause the drops to explode when they hit the target. Large drops become small droplets that provide optimum coverage for chemical efficacy.

Extraordinary drift reduction. Excellent penetration.
Exceptional spray coverage …that’s TurboDrop®.