Buying a sprayer is a big investment. But did you know Apache sprayers retail for $30,000 to $107,000 LESS than other self-propelled sprayers? On top of that, Apache 1000 Series sprayers have earned the “Best Retained Value” award from EquipmentWatch™ two years running. So not only are our sprayers more affordable, they also hold their value. And if that’s not enough to convince you, how about the lowest cost of ownership in the industry?

So how does a machine earn the reputation as being the most affordable self-propelled sprayer on the planet?

Mechanical vs. Hydrostat Sprayers

The smart, simple design of Apache’s mechanical drive transmission reduces overall service and operating costs compared to competitive hydrostatic sprayers.

For instance, the average wheel motor on hydrostatic sprayers — across all brands — is at least $4,500. Given there are four wheel motors on hydrostat machines, that’s $18,000 total you could shell out to replace all four. The Apache doesn’t need or use wheel motors.

Apache sprayers are also designed with common components across multiple models. The fact we don’t have to manufacture, warehouse and ship tons of different parts for various sprayer models translates to cost savings across the entire sprayer.

On average, competitor filters cost 55 percent more, row meters cost 74 percent more and three-way nozzle bodies cost 31 percent more.

Self-Propelled vs. Pull-Type Sprayers

Pull-type sprayers may appear to cost less, except when fuel consumption, compaction, crop damage, tractor use and lost productivity are factored into the equation. You’ll often find the cost of operating a self-propelled sprayer is the same or less than operating a pull-type.


  • Takes twice as long
  • Is a rougher ride
  • Increases operator fatigue
  • Added hours on the tractor
  • Lower resale value

Highest Resale Value

Apache sprayers retain an average of 72 percent of their value after five years — the highest in the industry. That’s why EquipmentWatch has recognized Apache as the “Best Retained Value” in the industry in 2016 and 2017.

5-Year Warranty

The best sprayer on the market is backed by the industry’s best warranty. Every Apache that rolls off the assembly line comes with a 5-year limited warranty. You won’t find another sprayer manufacturer that stands behind their machine the way we do. Apache is the only manufacturer with full machine coverage for the first two years (<1,000 hrs).

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“I traded to an Apache about 6 years ago and this is my second Apache. At the price point now, I wouldn’t be without it. I wouldn’t be out without my own sprayer. I was just at a meeting talking to another farmer and he was running 3,000 or 4,000 acres and I said, ‘You know you really should put the numbers together because you would be amazed at what you’d save. And the fuel economy is amazing.’”

—Garnet Berg from Dawson Creek, SK Canada