Fits Your Needs


Why settle for a less effective method of application just because you spray fewer acres annually? It’s really a myth a sprayer that weighs more is essential for tough conditions and durability. The fact is, extra weight on a machine only leads to higher operating costs and lower yields. With a 4-speed JCB power shifting transmission and Cummins Performance Series V, 200 the Apache AS850 provides the power to climb your toughest grades and get you through your most unfavorable ground conditions. Just like all Apache sprayers, the AS850 is fuel-efficient, reliable, and provides leading operator comfort with state-of-the-art noise dampening inside the cab.


Unique Features of the Apache Sprayer AS850


Tank Capacity

800 gallons


JCB Powershift 4-Speed 

Cummins Engine

Cummins B4.5 Performance Series 200HP (rated)


18,400 lbs (approx. dry weight)

Crop Clearance

42″ with JCB planetary final drive or 50″ with 18″ drop box all-gear final drives

Axle Width



AS850 Product Enhancements

The fluid-elastic active “Hydrocone” cab isolators improve the ride as much as 50% by better absorbing shock and displacement of the chassis.

Our new variable displacement load-sense piston pump provides the right amount of hydraulic flow at all speeds while reducing steering effort by as much as 20%.

Helps in priming the boom before spraying, ensuring a precise and uniform spray pattern.