Powerful DICKEY-john Moisture Testing machines deliver accurate, reliable readings quickly. Choose the ideal products and accessories for your business.

Get the most from your fields with the cost-effective, user-friendly Soil Compaction Tester from DICKEY-john.

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miniGAC & miniGAC Plus Grain Moisture Tester
The World’s Most Accurate Handheld Grain Moisture Tester

Whether you’re harvesting, storing, or trading grain, nothing is more important to its value than its moisture content. With the mini GAC you can measure moisture quickly, easily, and accurately.

Features include:

  • Menu-driven operating system
  • An internal scale (no pre-weighing)
  • USB compatibility for calibration loading
  • Used for over 450 grains and products
  • Automatic temperature compensation

. . . And NO screw cap, which can damage grains, create oily residue, and are cumbersome to use.

Package for the mini GAC and mini GAC plus includes mini GAC, loader, 9-volt battery, carrying case, belt clip, instruction manual, and 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
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GAC2100 Agri
Economical Accuracy

When it comes to top-of-the-line grain testing at an economical price, look no further than the GAC®2100 Agri. The GAC®2100 Agri provides grain testing results in just 32 seconds and has the ability to store eight-grain calibrations.

  • Quick, fully automated grain testing
  • Engineered with advanced technology
  • Consistent moisture, temperature, and test weight results
  • Use for cereals, oilseeds, grass seeds, vegetable seeds, and beans

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Elevator-Quality Testing on Your Farm

Easy-to-use, intuitive color touchscreen eliminates operator training

  • Accurate temperature-sensing capabilities allow you to measure frozen and hot grain
  • Memory storage for up to 3,000 measurements
  • Multiple USB ports on the back of the unit for software upgrades, USB devices, printer, and peripherals
  • Additional USB ports located on the front of the unit for easy calibration imports, as well as keyboard and mouse plug-ins for inputting set-up data”

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The Power of Elevator-Quality Testing on Your Farm

This compact, cost-effective unit lets you analyze grain moisture, temperature, and test weight anywhere on the farm. For fast, accurate moisture testing, you can’t beat the GAC®500 XT: Just choose a grain, load the hopper, and press a button.

  • Easy to use
  • ±0.2 moisture repeatability
  • Cereals, oilseeds, grass seeds, vegetable seeds, beans
  • Stores up to 16 calibrations
  • More than 450 calibrations available for download
  • 110/220 volt, DC converter, or cigarette lighter power sources
  • Preloaded with 10 languages (others available)

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Radar II

Top-of-the-Line Ground Speed

This top-of-the-line ground speed sensor delivers the truest velocity
measurement available at mounting heights over 6 feet.

  • Installs easily
  • Views actual ground surface for accurate speed measurement
  • Can be mounted to look forward or backward from vehicle
  • Velocity range 0.33-66 mph (0.53-96.6 km/h)
  • Mounts at 35±5° angle and at least 24 in. (610 mm) height from target
    surface (mounts anywhere from 2 to 8 ft. high)
  • Variety of factory output frequency settings available
  • Sleek design—4 x 4 x 12.25 in. (10 x 10 x 31.1 mm)
  • Weighs only 4.5 lbs. (2.05 kg)
  • Achieves velocity errors of ±1-3% through in-field calibration

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Radar III

The Most Accurate Ground Speed Sensor

World-class accuracy in a ground speed

The high-performance Radar III is a streamlined, more compact version of our
best-selling Radar II model.

  • Weighs only 1 lb.
  • 4 x 3.4 x 3.1 inches
  • High-tech planar array for the truest velocity measurement possible
  • Views ground surface for accurate ground speed detection
  • Velocity errors of less than or equal to 1-3% after in-field calibration
  • Easy to install
  • Can be mounted to view forward or backward from vehicle

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