4410171 – Independent Style

Independent arms works will variable pitch on blades
works good in no-till. Moves dirt back that has been displaced
and if you run with straight blades it will not cut a trench.
The arms pivot on a 1-1/4” shaft with cast bronze
greasable bushing. Sheds residue easily – blades set just
back of the knife. Heavy 18” notched blades. Fits 1 x 2 or 1-1/4” shanks.

4410185 – Independent Style With 14-1/2″ Arms

Independent style arms with 18″ notched blades
are used more in side-dress situation. Blades are up
beside the knife to reduce throwing of dirt on to
young plants. This unit also pivots on a 1-1/4″
shaft with the greasable cast bronze bushing.
Arms are made so you can change the pitch
of the blade.

4410190 – Independent Style,
Center Sealer With 14” Notched Blades

Independent style with 14” blade made to work
in situations where room is short & tight.
A premium blade can be ran either way –
concave or reversed.