Capstan SharpShooter uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology as a simple, clever way to retain both a set rate and a set pressure whenever a speed change requires a change in the liquid flow. The PWM valve instantaneously does so by automatically changing the effective tip orifice size. This coordinated rate and pressure control is possible through as much as a 6:1 speed range combined with up to a 2:1 rate change. This is all done without changing tips!

In a similar fashion, the operator can change a pressure set point independent of the speed or rate.. The PWM solenoid simulates a larger tip to achieve larger droplets and fewer drift-able fines. This on-demand drift control is done without changing tips or slowing down. Incredible!

Standard tips are used as an “exit” orifice to define and control the droplet size and spectrum. The tip is sized, per chemical group and VMD droplet size requirement, to the maximum rate and maximum speed possible with that application.

The PWM Solenoid, pictured right, acts then as a pre-orifice “flow control” which can change the “effective” orifice size to instantaneously adapt to application changes. Since the exit orifice remains the same, the constant pressure application permits the droplet size and spectrum to also remain constant thus providing consistent coverage independent of change in flow or speed. So, the PWM system can:

Flow like a smaller tip when reducing speed from a high of 24 mph to a low of 4 mph while maintaining a constant pressure, a constant droplet size and a constant rate. The “effective” pre-orifice is automatically changed “on-the-go” only enough to maintain the proper rate AND to maintain a constant pressure set point as the speed changes or, conversely…

Flow as a large tip (up to the maximum exit orifice size picked) when increasing speed from a low of 4 mph to a high of 24 mph. This is done while maintaining a constant pressure, a constant droplet size and a constant rate or…

To act as a larger tip using AIM Command controls to lower an application pressure on-the-go for larger droplets and fewer fines needed for drift control. This is done while maintaining a constant rate and a constant speed or …

To change a rate without changing a tip while again maintaining a constant pressure, droplet size and speed.

Result: Operators now have direct control, from the cab, of the key application variables of speed, rate, pressure, and droplet size. Now they can customize their application to the field conditions at hand.

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