NJect technology uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology as a simple, clever way to change the flow through an orifice as if the orifice size could be changed “on-the-go”.  It responds as needed up to a 25:1 range of rate for a variable rate map prescription.

NH3 fertilizer is fed by supply tank pressure to the input of the NJect distribution manifold.  The manifold consists of aluminum alloy core slices that each have two product outputs ports.  Stacked and bolted together these manifold slices are added to match the particular applicator configuration.  Flow from each output port is metered by a PWM solenoid to tubes leading to the ground engaging tools.  This manifold serves 3 functions:

Accurately distributing the product to the ground engaging tool

Serves as the NH3 cooler.  The liquid/gas NH3 from the supply tank chills the manifold and condenses to the liquid form collecting in the bottom in the manifold.   The PWM solenoids then meter the NH3 in liquid form.

Provides pressure information to an electric flow meter module in the NJect computer.

Performance features inherit in this simple, yet innovative design include:

Automatic rate change:  Rate management starts with the rate controller.  The rate controller may be set up for a single rate, or to respond to a rate changes dictated by a prescription map fed into the controller.  A flow increase/decrease signal is sent by the rate controller to the NJect computer.  The NJect instantaneously adjusts the PWM solenoid response to execute the required flow.  No need to change orifices for the different rates!

Even flow distribution across the tool bar is achieved by the metering accuracy and speed of the PWM solenoids.  Terrain changes and hills do not impact the accuracy of the distribution.

Instant ON/OFF at the ground is achieved by the solenoid immediate OFF/ON response coupled with capillary action of the ground engagement supply tubes.

Significant overlap savings control occurs when the rate controller is loaded with swath control software, like Accuboom.  That software communicates with the NJect PWM solenoids to automatically and instantaneously turn OFF and ON as required by the As-Applied map.

Overlap savings control can be configured by NJect for mulitple tool bar sections depending on the rate controller capabilities.  NJect permits customization of the tool bar to define the number of knives per section.

Durability and reliability have been proven now over 3 seasons of application on over 50 machines.

Result: Operators now have more control over placement and rates for a more accurate and precise application of NH3 fertilizer without having to ever leave the cab. Overall users of NJect application technology have see a significant reduction in their input costs and an overall improvement efficiency and quality of the application

NJect NH3 Brochure