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Equipment Technologies puts the AS1020 up against a John Deere 4830 in a series of field tests. This video documents that field test.

The Collect-N-Go Soil Sample Collection Kit is an innovative new product. You can sample your soil in record time with little effort. The kit includes the bucket, the auger bit, and the security tie.

The Spot-On Spray Tip Calibrator provides quick and accurate flow rate checking of individual sprayer nozzles. Check out the video to see just how easy it is to check your spray tips.

DICKEY-john manufactures a complete line of moisture testers that offers fast, accurate analysis on moisture and test weight (bulk density).

Takes a look at Raven’s line of guidence peices and GPS equipment.

Chris, a Hypro service technician, provides hands-on training for repairing a Hypro roller pump.

This video will give you an overview of the Matrix 570G system. It will also explore the features of the Guidance over video capability.

The Asymmetric Dual Fan TurboDrop nozzle can be set up in an alternating configuration that allows the target to be sprayed four times in one pass!

This short video shows the spray pattern for Hypro’s GuardianAIR spray tip.

This video will give you an overview of what the capabilities of the BoomPilot and CenterLine 230BP kits from TeeJet can do and how they can impact your spraying applications.