The new Greenleaf TurboDrop® Asymmetric Dual Fan Nozzle (TADF) is designed to improve coverage on vertical and angular targets with contact chemicals.

TurboDrop Asymmetric Dual Fan NozzleWith single flat fan nozzles, the force from the travel speed of the sprayer deflects the downward oriented droplets forward in the driving direction. Coverage on the backside of the plant is minimized. The 50° rearward spray of the TADF is designed to overcome this effect and improve backside coverage. The 10° forward spray will provide a combination of penetration and frontside coverage.

Spray the target four times in one pass! See the video! Additionally, the rearward spray has a higher flow rate to further assist backside coverage. Smaller drops are produced by the forward spray to provide a wider droplet size range overall.

In most sizes, the droplet spectrum is Medium-Course below 80 psi and Medium-Fine above 80 psi. The TADF nozzle is ideal for fungicide spraying in wheat and other crops, and can also be used for general herbicide applications.

Higher pressures are recommended for contact chemicals.

The TurboDrop DualFan (TADF) can be used in a variety of applications, from burndown with glyphosate to contact herbicides like Ignite. In fact, many Bayer reps are recommending the TADF for use with Ignite in difficult applications, often in an alternating nozzle configuration that delivers four angles of orientation into the crop.

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