• The GPS Speed Sensor uses a GPS receiver to measure true ground speed, then delivers a frequency signal compatible with the radar speed signal input on most controls and monitors.
  • Eliminates problems frequently found with radar speed sensors on wet surfaces, with moving crops, or vehicle vibration.
  • Convenient enclosure mounts inside cab, only a small patch antenna is mounted outside.
  • Status LEDs show power, GPS lock and speed output conditions.
  • Wide range of adapter cables available making it compatible with all popular application rate control systems.
  • State of the art GPS engine delivers better performance than many comparable units on the market.
  • Speed range of 5.-80+ mph (1-130+ km/h).

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Model: 90-02371 TeeJet GPS Speed Sensor- Mid-Tech

Model: 90-02404 TeeJet GPS Speed Sensor- Raven