Why Choose KZ Electric Valves?

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KZValve actuated valves are field tested not just to prove they are waterproof and durable, but to ensure maintenance free performance and long operating life. Actuator housings, electrical components, and valve components are all designed with your needs in mind—which is why leading original equipment manufacturers specify KZValve actuated valves for their products.

• Waterproof actuator housings rated NEMA 6P to
protect internal components from corrosion
and extends actuator life
• One-year Limited Warranty We believe a solid
warranty package allows you to purchase
KZValve products with confidence, and
it confirms the quality, reliability and long
operating life our products are built to deliver.
• Constructed with solid state components for
increased durability and maintenance-free
• Valves engineered for actuation
Internal components are selected to
provide long operating life and superior
performance for the valve and actuator
• CAN and ISOBUS control of individual electric
valves giving you flexible and reliable valve

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