The AutoBoom automatic boom height control system is like money in the bank, with faster operating speeds, simple installation and user-friendly controls. AutoBoom’s unique hydraulic-powered design also delivers the industry’s smoothest, most responsive height-adjusting system—hands down.

Increasing your efficiency. With spraying speeds up to 20 mph on most terrain, AutoBoom lets you cover more acres in less time and with less stress and fatigue than ever before. AutoBoom’s height adjustment also has all the range you need for the most uneven ground.

Smoothest motion around. Autoboom is designed for effortless performance on every type of terrain with a pressure-based hydraulic system that ensures smoother movement up and down—and greater stability for boom spans up to 134’. That means more accurate and consistent applications, with less wear and tear on equipment.

User-Friendly Controls. AutoBoom is easy to operate. Just power on and tap the center rack control switch to the desired height and you’re good to go. AutoBoom’s convenient center rack control lifts and lowers all booms simultaneously for easier return to spray and transport modes.
Independent left and right boom controls and manual override also help you control more and spray more—simply.

Easy do-it-yourself installation and calibration. With easy DIY operator installation, you can install the entire AutoBoom system yourself in less than a day—and you can do it on your own schedule. AutoBoom’s onestep calibration also saves you time and energy—and gets you up and spraying in no time at all.