AccuBoom automatic section control is your best protection against rising input costs— and pays for itself in no time.  Greater fuel and chemical savings, faster spraying times, ease-of-operation and more accurate spraying all add up quickly to improve your return on investment each and every season.

Improved Efficiency and Savings. With automatic on-off control for up to 10 sections, AccuBoom uses Raven’s advanced CANbus technology to spray only where you want to spray, avoiding no-spray zones and eliminating wasteful overlaps. It all adds up to savings of up to 8% or more compared to manual operation.

No Fuss. No Mess. AccuBoom is easy to set up and operate. Simply input your field or spray boundaries into one of Raven’s multi-function field computers; set the percent of coverage overlap desired; indicate how far ahead you want AccuBoom to look for proper shutoff —and you’re good to go.

Just right for your sprayer. AccuBoom automatic boom section control works with 99% of the self-propelled and pull-type sprayers on the market today—making sure you maximize your return on investment while still keeping it simple. That’s good for you, your pocket book and the environment.

Remote Control and Convenience: With AccuBoom’s wireless receiver and remote control option, you can check each section by yourself outside the cab. This handy accessory saves time and chemicals—and lets you turn each boom section on and off while you’re standing right there to see.

  • Individual boom section control gives you the most accurate and cost-efficient system possible—automatically avoiding no-spray zones and previously sprayed areas. With AccuBoom, you spray only where you want to spray. No more, no less.
  • Adjustable look-ahead function with automatic speed compensation lets you adjust your settings easily for precisely the amount of overlap you desire. AccuBoom works seamlessly with Raven’s CANbus technology and field computers to make it automatic.
  • Adjustable % coverage lets you determine how much fi eld coverage or overspray you have near no-spray zones and previously sprayed areas—from 0% to 100%, either way. You decide.
  • AccuBoom’s manual override function allows you to go back and re-spray select areas without having to leave the job. When you’re ready, with the touch of your finger, AccuBoom picks up right where you left off .
  • Wireless receiver with optional remote section control saves time, money and chemicals. A major convenience that lets you turn boom sections on and off from outside the cab—and check them all yourself, one at a time.