Introducing Apache HS1100

The Best Hyrdrostatic Sprayer in the World

The HS1100 sprayer was engineered for farmers and customer applicators who want maximum strength, stability and performance in a self-propelled sprayer. The Apache HS1100 adjusts automatically from 60 to 70 inches — making it the tallest rear boom sprayer available in North America. The 120-foot boom package provides maximum reach to spray more acres per hour and a unique stabilization system for unmatched stability and flexibility. Plus, it’s the only sprayer in its class backed by a five-year powertrain warranty.

Unique Features of the HS1100 Sprayer

Tank Capacity

1,120 gallons


Rexroth Hydrostatic

Cummins Engine

Cummins T4F 275 HP

Precision Application

Raven Viper 4+, Hawkeye, Accuboom, XRT, UltraGlide, RS1 steering, CapstanAG Pinpoint II, and EVO


28,225 lbs.
(approx. dry weight)

Crop Clearance

Automatic Hydraulic Adjustment from 60″ to 70″ clearance