Used Equipment

In addition to being your complete source for new precision agriculture spray and fertilizer application equipment, Ohio Valley Ag is also your connection for a great selection of used equipment. We offer a variety of models from the most trusted manufacturers. Whether you are looking for used lime spreaders, used self propelled sprayers, or any other used farming equipment, Ohio Valley Ag is your source!


2008 Apache AS1010 S/N: O-1168 Price: $79,500.00

2008 Apache AS1010, 2350 Hours, 1,000 Gallon tank, 90′ Boom, 7 Section, 15″ Spacing, Cummins engine, 6 Speed ITL transmission, Viper Pro, Autosteer, Accuboom, Rotoflush.

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2007 Witzco RG35 S/N: Price: $25,000.00

   Witzco Challenger RG35, 36′ Low Boy, 22 1/2′ Well, 102″ Wide, Wood deck, Spring ride, Radial tires, Self-contained hydraulics, Honda pony motor

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2011 Force UNLTD AGForce FL3024 S/N: O-1172 Price: $48,000

AGForce FL3024 Spreader, 14’Bed, Dual 480/80R46 Tires, Stainless Steel inverted V, Belt over chain, Stainless Steel spinners, Tarp, Dickey John rate controller, Farmer owned

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2006 Apache AS510 S/N: G-1173 Price: $69,000

2006 Apache AS510, 1700 Hours, 500 Gallon Tank, 60/80 Boom, 5 Section, 15″ Spacing, 90″ Axle, Raven E-Pro, Accuboom, RGL600 Lightbar

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2009 Apache AS715 S/N: O-1171 Price: $88,000

2009 AS715, SN:9094315, 1500 Hours, 80′ Boom, 5 Section, 15″ Nozzle spacing, Fenders, Cat walk, Foam marker, Fence row nozzle- right side, Raven E-Pro, Accuboom.

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2012 Apache AS1020 S/N: D-324 Price: $139,000

2012 Apache AS1020, 409 hours, 60/90 boom, 3 way nozzle bodies, 15″ nozzle spacing, front and rear fenders, 2″ flow meter, 2″ front fill, foam marker, Raven E-Pro, auto steer, Accu boom< left and right side fence row nozzles.

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2012 Deere 4730 S/N: O-1160 Price: $160,000

2012 John Deere 4730, 980 Hours, 800 Gallon Poly tank, 100′ Boom, 5 Section, 20″ Spacing, Fenders, Deere 2630 Controller, Auto Trac, Boom Trac, Boom Leveling, Stainless Eductor, Hydraulic tread adjust.

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2006 Apache AS1010 S/N: G-1156 Price: $93,000.00

2006 Apache AS1010, 807 Hours, 1,000 Gallon tank, 60/80 Boom, 5 Section, 15″ Spacing, 42″ Crop clearance, 120″ Adj. Axle, Cummins, Foamer, Fenders, Raven SCS4400, Autoboom, Lightbar

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