The Best Selling Apache

AS1040 Model Sheet

We don’t sacrifice comfort. You’ll find no smoother ride than with the Apache’s flex-frame and pivoting front axles. Our 1,000-gallon AS1040 sprayer fits perfectly for most any farming operation size. A durable ZF 6-speed power shifting transmission, equipped with a lock-up torque converter, doubles the engine’s torque. The lock-up function couples the engine to the transmission, creating a direct drive transmission. Our transmissions are battle tested year-round in extreme conditions by world class off-highway heavy equipment makers. You get the shifting power you need, without the added weight.

Unique Features of the Apache AS1040

Tank Capacity

1,000 gallons


ZF Power Shift, 6-speed
w/lock-up torque converter


Cummins Engine

Tier 4F 225 hp (rated)

Top Road Speed

35 MPH


20,000 lbs.
(approx. dry weight)

Crop Clearance

JCB 42″ with planetary final drive; 50″ with 18″ drop box all-gear final drives (optional)