Always looking towards the next higher level of excellence, we take the valuable feedback we receive from our customers and use them to upgrade the quality of our agricultural equipment. By keeping our focus keenly aimed at optimal performance, we’ve developed the following improvements for selected 2017 models.

Look for the following revisions:

  • Optimized ZF transmission tuning for 1000 and 1200 gallon sprayers – Increasing road and application speeds on 30 series machines.
  • Improved on-machine diagnostic capabilities – Providing easy-to-understand troubleshooting for a variety of internal systems including engine and transmission controls, joystick, display and others. A highly-visible screen tool on the in-cab display makes repair needs simple and transparent.
  • Addition of advanced Raven Hawkeye™ Application Control System – The next-generation pressure-based system, with improved turn compensation and individual nozzle control, allows for ultra-precise application.
  • Upgraded Banjo® Boom manifold flange fittings – Leading the industry, the polypropylene tubing is both leak-proof and simple to replace, even while in the field.
  • Advanced Pommier 100-foot boom – The industry-leading boom is now available as are 120 and 132 Pommier aluminum booms.
  • Improved ladder for “adjust-on-the-go machinery – Optimizing accessibility for adjustable axle machines.
  • Upgraded direct chemical injection capabilities – Providing flexibility in chemical applications by allowing different chemicals to be used while optimizing in-line mixing, easier tank rinse-out and reduced waste.
  • Augmented structures on 90-ft and 100-ft steel booms –  Increasing strength and reliability, the improved structural elements are proven through Finite Element Analysis.